This table contains Battle Items found within the game. You can sort the table by selecting the column headings.

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Image Title Workshop Level Admin
AP Mine AP Mine 6 Edit
Berserk Bottle Berserk Bottle 2 Edit
Black Coffee Black Coffee 9 Edit
Bloody Shirt Bloody Shirt 4 Edit
Energy Bar Energy Bar 5 Edit
Energy Burst Energy Burst 6 Edit
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit 4 Edit
Flash Bang Flash Bang 14 Edit
Grenade Grenade 16 Edit
Grindstone Grindstone 5 Edit
Guts Guts 16 Edit
High Replenish High Replenish 12 Edit
Hollow Point Rounds Hollow Point Rounds 5 Edit
Knockout Gas Knockout Gas 8 Edit
Lemon Juice Lemon Juice 13 Edit
Molotov Molotov 3 Edit
Muscle Booster Muscle Booster 7 Edit
Nitric Oxide Nitric Oxide 10 Edit
Platelet Shot Platelet Shot 16 Edit
Replenish Replenish 1 Edit
Sedative Bottle Sedative Bottle 2 Edit
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 10 Edit
Smelling Salts Smelling Salts 11 Edit
Stamina Booster Stamina Booster 7 Edit
Tear Gas Grenade Tear Gas Grenade 16 Edit