All Out War

All Out War is a Raid Event that pits members of one Faction against another on maps, focused on territory control. Winning battles and subsequent Wars give Faction members War Points, and the Factions with the most War Points wins rewards at the conclusion of the event.


Faction Wars will take place in different iconic battle locations from the comic series starting with the Prison where Rick and his people defended against The Governor and the people of Woodbury.

Declaring War

  • Leaders and Co-Leaders can enter their Faction in a War event and select the War Map they would like to battle in.
  • At launch players will be able to select from 8 vs 8, 12 vs 12 maps, and 20 vs 20 maps.
  • Additional maps will be available post launch.

Joining a War

  • All Faction members will be prompted to join the war during the queuing period
  • Queued members can leave the queue at any time to free up their spot in line.
  • Spots are available on a first come, first served basis up to a maximum of 12 or 20 at launch.
  • Once the Faction has a full War party they can join the war and matchmake with other Factions to determine their opponent.

War Battles

  • The war takes place in a territory map (Prison at launch) and the two teams are assigned to be either the Prisoners or the Raiders (randomly).
  • Each player is assigned to a camp on the map in clusters of four.
  • Each cluster of camps is protected by a Governor unit who provides a defensive buff to the surrounding camps until they are destroyed. Governor units are assigned to the strongest players on each team.
  • Strongholds are located in neutral territory and can be captured in order to provide buffs to your team in combat as long as it is successfully defended from attackers.
  • The war begins with a Scouting Period where each player can attack the other Faction’s camps in order to share information about their team composition and strength with their Factionmates.
  • Once the scouting period is over the War begins.
  • Each player’s camp has a hit point meter based on the strength of their town HQ that is reduced each time they are successfully raided by an opponent. Once their HP value reaches zero they are destroyed.
  • Players can repair their own camp or their Factionmates camps (if they are a Reserve) once they have been destroyed.
  • War Points are awarded for War Actions such as battling and destroying camps or for special actions like win streaks or counterattacks.
  • The War ends when:
    • All camps are destroyed at the same time or
    • The War Timer counts down to zero
    • The Faction with the most points at the end of each War wins.
    • Once the War is over the Faction can declare War on another Faction and go through the prep period again.


  • Earn rewards after every battle during a war
  • Earn rewards at the end of every War. The MVP for each Faction earns special rewards
  • Earn top rewards and prizes for ranking up in the All Out War event.

Note: As of Jan 27, 2016, The All Out War feature has gone live, and all Regions will be able to participate in the Faction Wars.

What we can summarize from the new achievements:

  • Wars will be waged between rival Factions;
  • There will be camps that can be attacked, defended, and repaired;
  • You will be attacking other player teams;
  • There will be strongholds within each faction, that you will likely have to attack to win;
  • Your stronghold must be defended and repaired to prevent your opponent from wining.

Will this all happen in real-time or be based on the single-sided attack format, currently used?
We will have see, when it is ready for release.

New Achievements:

Siege master: Capture 5 Strongholds within Faction Wars
True Soldier: Defeat 25 Opponents within Faction Wars
True Grit: Win a war 1 times within Faction Wars
Frontline: Become a war MVP 5 times within Faction Wars
Pyromaniac: Destroy 20 camps within Faction Wars
Rebuilder: Repair 5 camps within Faction Wars