There is a lot to this game, once you get going; but, in the beginning there are a few key basics to get you started on the path to success.

This Beginner’s guide will help you understand and excel in The Walking Dead – Road to Survival game.

We will cover many basic topics regarding gameplay, levelling, upgrading, resources, and team building.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival - World

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – World Map

Do the Daily Missions

There are great rewards to be achieved.

Develop and Upgrade Buildings and Land

Always have something on the go. Set a timer, so you know when construction or research is complete. You are going to need lots of food for your training, levelling, and upgrading; so, build and upgrade lots of farms.

Find Survivors and Resources in the World and Roadmap Missions

Find a Stage that you can complete in auto-mode and keep hitting it until you get what you need.

Train Survivors into Characters

Use your training grounds to train your regular survivors into battle ready characters.

Level Up your Characters with Characters of the same persona

Choose your strongest and most useful characters for training. Use characters of 2 star and lower, and with the same persona (very important) to level-up your characters. You can use up to 10 character, during the level-up process. Each character of the same persona give you an additional chance to improve your adrenaline rush skill recovery time (up to 40% chance for 10 characters). Levelling requires lots of food, so stock up.

Upgrade your Characters

When you have maxxed-out your players level, you can upgrade them to the next tier. Upgrades requires both food and special items that can only be found by completing missions.

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Build your teams

You can save three teams. I recommend you make a walker slayer team, raid attack team, and raid defense team. Within your teams you will want to balance what you have. Try to have a cross-section of traits and skills. You will want to have 1-2 healers, and at least one support unit that will increase your attack and defense, and one that will decrease the enemy defense. Critical attack skills are necessary to defeat walker hordes (crtical hits are instant death headshots for walkers). Your Adrenaline Rush skills are more important against the raid attacks and human enemy mission battles.

Set your Defence

Choose a leader with strong defence and HP bonuses, a couple of healers, and some good characters to defend them.

Compete in Raid events

The more you battle the better your rewards. There are both rewards for your final ranking and accumulated points milestones.

Get Free Coins

Watch videos and participate special offers that look reasonable to you.

Repeat, when possible

Make good use of your time by knowing how long it takes to recover your raid and mission energy, and return when they are at their peak.

Useful game characters

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