The Character Rarity is a indication of how powerful or useful the character is, and how difficult it is to collect them. Character’s with the highest rarity will also be the strongest.
There are five levels of rarity, each identified by both a Star rating and description.

Here are the 5 rarity classifications:

  • 1-Star (★) Common – Collected from World & Roadmap Missions, Recruited with Basic Tokens or Coins, and Training Ground.
  • 2-Star (★★) Uncommon – Collected from World & Roadmap Missions, Recruited with Basic Tokens or Coins, and Training Ground.
  • 3-Star (★★★) Rare – Collected from World & Roadmap Missions, Recruited with Basic Tokens or Elite Tokens or Coins, and Training Ground.
  • 4-Star (★★★★) Ultra Rare – Collected from World & Special Roadmap Missions, Recruited with Elite Tokens or Coins, and Training Ground.
  • 5-Star (★★★★★) Epic – Recruited with Elite Tokens or Coins, and Training Ground (possible, but not likely).

At the start of the game, you will have some 2-Star Characters. These will get you through the tutorial, and you will soon be given two 3-Star Characters to add to you team. These 3-Star players will be your main team for quite a while, and you will likely keep them long after you have created a stronger team. Your 2-Star characters will soon become the main source for training your Rare and Ultra Rare characters. Once your team is mostly high-tier 3-Star and above, you will want to sell your Common characters (unless you need their persona for AR upgrading), as the XP provided is not worth the food spent for training.

While completing missions, you will typically see 1-Star and 2-Star character drops, which you may add to your team; but, will eventually use for training, once you have stronger characters. Very rarely, you may see a 3-Star character drops in the first 12 stages. After Stage 12, there is a chance you may see a 4-Star drop; but, this would be considered an extremely rare circumstance. So far, nobody has seen a 5-Star character drop; so, don’t bother waiting for it.

4-Star Characters can be purchased (for coins), in the recruiting section or trained in the Training Ground with the Elite and Legendary Training upgraded research (but you are more likely to get a 3-Star). You can also win 4-Star Characters as event rewards, during special limited-time Roadmap Missions.

5-Star Characters are available from the recruiting section. You can’t just “purchase” a five star character outright, you will have to buy or collect enough coins for a chance to receive a 5-Star character. Nobody knows what the exact odds are; but, I can tell you they are not good. Many players have claimed an average of 60 draws, before receiving a 5-star. Some have achieved it in less; while, other’s frustrations continue to grow, as they have not received a 5-star character with more than 100 draws. Technically, you should be able to collect an Epic character from the Training Ground with the Legendary Training upgraded research (but you are more likely to get a 3-Star); and, nobody has reported a 5-Star collected from there, yet.


Each Character has a unique Trait that provides them with certain advantages and disadvantages against other Character’s, and allows them to be equipped only with Trait specific weapons:

  • AlertAlert -

    Good against Strong, bad against Tough.
    Uses light ranged weapons: pistols, sub-machine guns, and more.

  • FastFast -

    Good against Tough, bad against Strong.
    Uses light melee weapons: knives, hammers

  • StrongStrong -

    Good against Fast, bad against Alert.
    Uses two handed melee weapons.

  • ToughTough -

    Good against Alert, bad against Fast.
    Uses heavy ranged weapons: rifles, machine guns.

Battle Traits

Battle Traits


A Character’s Persona is used to identify a group of Characters that contribute to your Adrenaline Rush levelling bonus. You may use up to 10 Characters of the same Persona to improve your chance to level-up your Adrenaline Rush by 40%. Levelling-up your adrenaline rush, reduces the wait period between  Adrenaline Rush activation and use.

Leader: (Indicated by a light bulb)
Rebel: (Indicated by an A in a circle)
Citizen: (Indicated by a small “person” symbol)
Peacekeeper: (Indicated by a peace sign)
Hunter: (Indicated by a circle with a cross target)
Soldier: (Indicated by rank arrows)
Trainer: (Indicated by an open book symbol, These are used for extra xp when leveling up a character. Some Trainers will also increase your Adrenaline Rush by one level.

Leaders & Leader Skill

Your leader is the person at the front of your team who guides your team to victory. Many characters in the game have a Leadership ability. This ability will only be active while they’re in the leader slot on your team composition.

The Leader Skill can:

  • Increase Defense %
  • Increase Attack %
  • Boost HP
  • Boost AP
  • Add a Critical strike bonus
  • Increase item drop chances

Some leader skills will affect all teammates, whiles other are specific to ranged, melee, or a character’s trait.

Go Here, for More Leader Skills

When you are selecting teams, the person on the far left will be the Leader. You can only have one leader, so choose wisely!

Specialists & Specialist Skill

Specialists are 3 to 5 star characters with a new set of passive or reactive skills.
Here are the available Specialist Skills:
  • Collateral Damage -

    When this character performs a critical strike on an enemy, they will deal splash damage (50% damage) to up to two adjacent enemies.

  • Command -

    When this character defends, the previous ally to take an action this turn will receive a bonus action. That ally will be unable to act the next turn.

  • Execution -

    When this character attacks an enemy that has 20% HP or less, the enemy will be immediately defeated.

  • Guardian -

    When this Character performs a critical attack on an enemy they will apply a protective shield around an ally with the lowest HP. The shield will remain active until it negates 1 incoming attack or damaging rush against that ally.

  • Hemorrhage -

    When this Specialist lands a critical hit on an enemy, that enemy suffers severe bleeding that worsens every turn. (+150x Bleed Damage per turn.

  • Human Shield -

    While this Character is defending, all attacks from Human enemies may only target them.
    [Swipe Right on character icon to defend]

  • Indomitable -

    When not stunned, whenever this character takes damage, they gain +30% Defense, until the start of their next turn, in addition to any defense increases, including prior activations of this skill.

  • Life Steal -

    When this character kills and enemy character, they will regain 20% of their max health.

  • Neutralize -

    When this character attacks an enemy that has 90% ore more adrenaline, the enemy will be impaired for 1 turn.

  • Parting Shot -

    If this Character is killed by an enemy attack, they will immediately perform a guaranteed critical attack against the enemy.

  • Retribution -

    When this Character is Defeated, all of the Character’s surviving teammates will immediately receive 25% of their max AP.

  • Tenacity -

    If this Character’s health is above 10% and they take damage that would kill them, their health will be reduced to 1 HP instead.

The Specialist Skills are triggered during combat, when the proper conditions are met. Conditions will be different for each skill.
Most Specialist Skills cannot be activated manually.
Unlike leader skills, specialists do not require the character to be in a specific slot in the party.


Most Characters have more than one tier. Advancing your Characters to the next tier requires you to train your Character to Max, and then choose the Upgrade option on the Level up screen. Upgrading requires unique Gear and a lot of Food; so, keep searching and stock up on Food, before attempting your Upgrade.

Go here to find a list of Gear, and where you can find it.

Adrenaline Rush

The Adrenaline Rush is a special skill that the character can activate, when their Adrenal Points (AP) reaches maximum. Each time your increase your Rush level, you reduce the wait time to reach you maximum. A fully trained Rush skills can activate every 2 rounds, with the right weapon bonus. Most of the characters have unique Rush talents, while a few share the same name or skill.

The Adrenaline Rush Skills can be broken into 4 general groups:

  1. Damage – Usually a percentage increase the normal attack.
  2. Critical – Important headshot bonuses for walker missions.
  3. Healing – Single or multiple character healing, usually shown as a % of max HP.
  4. Hinder – Stun, Impair, Defense down, Attack down, etc.
  5. Support – Stun, Impair, Defense up, Attack up, AP bonus, etc.

Some characters may combine multiple Rush skills into one action.

Rush level are divided in 3 Rush level groups (8, 10, 12). Typically, characters with simple single target damage skills are rush level 8. Level 10 appears to be reserved for group healers and multiple target damage, while Level 12 is for characters who’s Rush affects multiple targets with multiple talents.

Using your Adrenaline Rush Skill

Adrenaline Rushes are crucial to your survival. As you inflict or receive damage, your adrenaline (the yellow bar) will fill up. When it is full, a “Rush” button will appear above your characters icon. During your turn you can tap the “Rush” button to unleash your characters special ability or you can tap the character icon to use your characters regular attack.

Adrenaline Rush skills vary from character to character. To see what your characters skill is during a battle, press and hold the attack button.

Leveling up your Adrenaline Rush Skill

To level up your characters Adrenaline Rush Skill, use other characters that share the same persona as the character you are trying to level (i.e Hunter, Leader, Peacekeeper, etc.). This gives you a chance at gaining Rush levels (though it is not guaranteed). The more characters of the same persona you use, the higher the chance you may level up your Adrenaline Rush.
The only way to guarantee raising your Adrenaline Rush level is to use a Persona Trainer of the same type as your character or a duplicate character.
When you do level your Adrenaline Rush Skill, the time between available uses get shorter, but the impact of the power remains the same.

List of characters

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