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This section will outline some of the special items you can receive, during the game:

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Starter Tips

  • Decisions made, during the game, will unlock different in-game rewards.
  • Free Coins are available, if you are willing to put in the time.
  • Buy in bulk for greater per-item savings.
  • Upgrading your training ground can help you build new characteristics and level up key characters.
  • Work as a faction to help each other make it through difficult missions. Helping one member can help you all!

Battle Tips

  • Press and hold a character’s icon at the bottom of the screen during battle to view their skills and set them to defend, by swiping right.
  • When switching up characters on your teams, don’t forget to reassign weapons best suited for the battle.
  • Always kill the zombies closest to you first! Avoid letting them get close enough to do damage to your team.