The Daily Missions are designed to challenge your team to achieve certain goals within a 24 hour period. Likewise, you will be rewarded for completing each mini mission and given a special reward for completing all of the daily missions.

The Daily Mission is available after you reach player level 6.
It is very important to ensure that you “claim” your rewards, or they will be lost.

Here is a List of the available Daily Missions:

Mission Goal Difficulty
Bring them Down Successfully raid 6 players Medium
Banquet Spend 10,000 food Easy
Be Prepared Gain 25 Battle Items Easy
Brother’s in Arms Win 10 raids with all team members alive. Hard
Conscripts Gain 20 Characters Easy
Honed Skills Level up a character’s Adrenalin Rush by 1 level
I Get By Use 25 Battle Items Easy
Intelligence Gathering Complete Area 13 Stage 4 Hard
Leaders Duty Complete all of todays Daily missions Hard
Lethal Variety Completer 5 Training Courses Medium
Marked Target Kill 50 TRAIT Enemies Medium
Mysterious Signal Complete 5 stages in the Roadmap Area Easy
On Patrol Complete 5 World Stages Medium
Renown Gain 150 Reputation Points Easy
Stockpile Gain 100 Ingredients & Gear Medium
Storm them! Win 10 Raids in a row Hard
Structural Integrity Spend 10,000 Materials Easy
Turn the Tide Use Adrenalin Rush 60 times Easy