Faction Territories is a new feature where you battle to hold various iconic landmarks in the Walking Dead world and gain helpful rewards and powerful buffs for holding them! 

If your region has Territories now but isn’t Candler (EN), Jenkins (EN), Lanier (EN), or Lamar (EN), you’ll see an update standardizing the protection period after taking a territory to an hour, and if you don’t have persistent Territories at all on your region yet, you soon will.

The Rundown

For the majority of you who are new to Faction Territories, here’s a rundown of what you have to look forward to with this feature:

Faction Territories is an all-new, map-based PVP feature for players level 15 and higher where you and your faction mates can work together to take and hold areas of a world map. These maps span from Atlanta in the southwest to Washington DC in the northeast. It’s a persistent feature where you can play any time, and the territories you take are yours to keep for as long as you can defend them from the other factions in your region!

Territory Benefits

Faction Territories benefits you and your Faction, because every territory you own gives its own buff or bonus. These buffs can be bonuses to materials production, buffed up ATK or DEF stats, increased item drop chance, and more! Furthermore, a powerful group bonus can also be scored if your Faction holds all the designated areas on the map.

The benefits of ownership are yours to keep as long as you hold on to a territory, but you’ll lose the bonuses immediately and stop getting periodic rewards if you lose control, so defense here is just as important as offense.

Capture & Hold

Taking a territory with your faction is ultimately simple: you need to fight for it!

If no one holds a territory yet (either because it just opened, or because the previous owners abandoned it) you’ll need to fight your way through the hundreds of Walkers that infest the area. Other factions may be fighting them at the same time though, and the territory will go to whichever faction kills the most, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your enemies too.

If you want to take a territory from another faction, things get a bit tougher: you’ll need to attack the territory and defeat the enemy’s defenders to reduce their control. The defenders can try to restore their control, but when you, combined with any other attacking factions, reduce their control to zero, they’re kicked out.
Each time you attack, you’ll be able to leave a reserve team to lay siege to the territory on your faction’s behalf. And once the territory’s existing owner is defeated, and the area goes into a contested phase, it’s these teams which will defend your claim. In the fight to consolidate control, only the factions with teams on the territory can attack, and the teams they’ve left behind must hold their ground against all comers to take ownership.

This contested phase is a king of the hill style competition where the faction which took out the previous owner starts on top, and must hold out for a period of time to consolidate control and kick out their rivals. If their defenders are wiped out by a rival, that rival takes the hill and has their own chance to consolidate.

The timer gets shorter each time a new faction takes over the hill, and the defending teams cannot be changed, replaced, or recovered during the contested phase, so the territory will fall into someone’s hands before too long – either because the current king of the hill fends off the attackers, or because all but one faction has been wiped out.
Once your faction has control, you can add your own defense teams to fortify your position. You’ll get an hour of protection to do that, but once that’s over your enemies are free to attack again and try to take the territory from you.

Character Stamina

The characters you assign to Territories can’t be used elsewhere and each player can have a maximum of three teams committed to territories, which limits the ability of even a powerful faction to dominate the map – trying to hold too many territories will stretch defenses thin – but the main limitation characters face in Territories is stamina.

Stamina is a persistent health attribute possessed by all characters which is damaged when a character is killed in a Territories battle (or flees from one). It’s similar to persistent health from Survival Road, but it’s not tied directly to the damage your character takes in battle. (Characters only suffer stamina damage if they’re killed, and it takes multiple deaths before a character is exhausted.)
Exhausted characters can be recovered with coins or stim packs (some of which you can find in the Survival Road shop, by the way), and fully exhausted characters will also recover after a period of time, based on their rarity. Any exhausted character can’t be used in Territories at all until they recover, but can be used freely elsewhere in the game.

It’s worth noting that the amount of stamina damage you inflict on an enemy when you kill a character can be modified by bonuses from other territories. The defenders of a territory also take more stamina damage when slain if the territory has been held for a long time by the same faction. Additionally, a faction’s “control” of a territory, mentioned above, is just the sum of all its defenders’ stamina points, so adding or recovering defenders increases overall control.

Territories Events

Territories itself is always on, but there are two types of events you’ll see from time to time within the feature: Territories Tournaments, and Limited Time Territories.

We’ve fielded Territories Tournaments as a stand-alone event on a few regions, so some of you will be familiar with them already, but in essence they’re a limited time event which gives extra rewards for fighting over, taking, and holding Territories with your faction mates.
Based on your feedback and the overall response to our limited runs of Territories Tournaments in the past few months, we’ve taken this event back into the shop for some additional work. So it will be a little while before you see these again, but when you do, they will be a fun way to focus major attention in holding or keeping territories to gain big rewards.

Another Territories event will use the 10 dormant Limited Time Territories which are always on the map, but not normally available for capture.

These territories will open up on a limited time basis as part of special events we run in the future, providing a tie-in between territories and other events. As their name implies, they eventually close, so unlike regular territories you don’t get to keep them forever, but otherwise they work just like other territories.
It’s worth noting that the benefits of a particular Limited Time Territory may change from event to event, so you will probably want to check them out again every time they open.

Overall, there’s a lot to unpack with Faction Territories, and probably a lot to discover as far as strategy, tactics, and communication in order for your Faction to get the territories it wants. The feature will be rolling out in the next couple of days, so start preparing your Faction for the oncoming battles, and work on creating the fortifying teams you’ll need to stay on top!