Free Coins

Many of you have complained that TapJoy has cheated you out of coins, limited the number of videos you can watch, reduced app gameplay payout to small change, or that the offer page is filled with ads and expensive partner programs.

Here is another option to collect coins, without having to spend money. It’s called AppNana, and can be run from your mobile device. You get access to gameplay offers, videos, code sharing, and daily visit rewards. The app is completely free, and allows you to collect at your pace. Here’s how it’s done.

AppNana Features

Steps to unlimited Nana points:

  1. Download AppNana for your iOS or Android device:
  2. You start with 10,000 points, for joining. You will need to earn 5,000 points, before you can begin using invite codes.
  3. Earn Nana points by playing games and using special invites codes. You can use code to get you started, and we both get 2,500 points:
  4. Share your code in the comments section, below; and, get 5 people to use your invite code. Each time one person uses your code, you get 2,500 Nanas. For every 5 people that use your code, you are able to enter another invite code (v12600941) into your account and collect another 2,500 points.
  5. Repeat Step 2, until you have enough Nana points to collect the gift card value you want.
  6. Redeem Nana points for iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Xbox gift cards.
  7. Cash-in your gift card, then buy your coins in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Shop.
  8. Repeat Steps 3-6!

You’re invited to the new group ‘AppNana Shares’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:

To get more codes, you may want to share your code with more than this group. Start by swapping your code with members of you faction and other players in your Region.

Post codes in your Region

Nana Point Values:
90,000 nanas = $5 (iTunes, Google Play)
160,000 nanas = $10 (iTunes, Google Play)
210,000 nanas = $15 (iTunes, Google Play)
650,000 nanas = $50 (Google Play)
1,200,000 nanas = $100 (iTunes, Google Play)

*Note: Google Play is purchased through a PayPal account; so, you will want to have one of those.

*You have to wait 48 hours before receiving your gift card code.


If are still reading this far along, you are dedicated and deserve a reward:

Visit the app each day, for 400 Free Nanas!

AppNana, another way to collect free coins to improve your game.
Remember to use my code v12600941, and share yours in the comment section, below.


You can get free coins by watching videos, purchasing on-line, trying apps, completing surveys, playing web-based games, and more.
The in-game video feature is not available, until you reach level 10; but, you can access the Offers by installing the TapJoy app on your mobile device.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival - Free Coins

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – Free Coins

* Some of you may have noticed recent in-game offer outages. During this period, you can still use your Tapjoy app and account to access offers and claim rewards, just make sure you select The Walking Dead Road to Survival game for your offers.

** Recently, the Tapjoy app stopped working, due to an iOS 9 incompatibility. To get around this, you will need to login to the TapJoy website to continue participating in partner offers. There is no way to check which offers are pending or which have been paid, but at at least there is a way to still collect coins. Android users should not be affected.

*** If you are still able to watch videos and participate in offers, but do not receive compensation, Tapjoy has probably flagged your account for excessive use. You will have to submit a request for them to manually review and re-activate your account.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival - Free Coins

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – Free Coins

There are two types of in-game free coin incentives:

  • Watch Videos – You will receive 3 coins for each video you watch.
  • Get Offers – This is where you can access the Tapjoy advertising partner offers.

Download TapJoy

iOS – Android – Website

I recommend you stick to offers, that get you to do these offers; as,  these are usually the least intrusive:

  • Download an app
  • Watch a video
  • Read something.

I advise you to stay away from any offer that asks for your email, address, or credit card.

Avoid offers that:

  • Ask for money $; unless, you like the products and want the bonus for purchase
  • Offer a “free trail”; as, they will typically start charging you, automatically, after the trial period is over
  • Offer “[Web game]”; as, these are filled with annoying ads, the game sucks, and are extremely difficulty to complete
  • Want you to “Sign up”; as, this offer will most likely want to abuse your email address or mobile SMS