A new way to compete with your friends, Level Up Tournaments are ranked tournaments in which you earn points by leveling up your characters. The higher the rarity/evolution tier of your character, the more points you earn!

Level Up Tournament

Level Up Tournament

What are Level Up Tournaments?

Similar to Raid Tournaments, players compete against each other for rank and milestone rewards. Unlike Raid Tournaments (which focus on raiding other players), these focus on leveling up characters. While the tournament is running, character levels that you earn will count towards both unlocking  milestones and your final score.

What are Faction Level Up Tournaments?

Faction Level Up Tournaments are faction-wide level up tournaments which combine the total level ups of all faction members into the faction’s final score. When the tournament ends, the Faction with the highest score wins.

What are the Objectives?

Objectives are special requirements which grant large amounts of tournament points when accomplished. Each tournament starts with 3 Objectives. When you complete one of these objectives, it will be replaced with a new one.  The Objectives available in Faction Tournaments can be accomplished by all members of the Faction.

How to Score Big?

Collecting renown points for leveling up requires some planning, preparations, and hoarding. You will need to acquire as many survivors, trainers, and as much food as you can store. Storage of these items can be complicated, as your collection is limited to the capacity of your facilities, but their are tricks around this. In addition to the training resources, you also need to have Training Grounds and Farms.

At the time I wrote this, I was level 33 and able to store 110 survivors, 65 characters, and 802,000 food.
I have 3x Level 11 Training Grounds and 8x Level 16 Farms.
This will serve as the sample set for this example.


The Training Grounds will convert your survivors into characters. Build as many as you can, so you can reduce character production time. Leveling them up to level 10 will give you a good cross-section of character personas that you can train. I recommend you also upgrade at least one of them to Level 11, so you can take advantage of the 3-Star training, which can also be used as a survivor bank. Build as many as you can, and level them as high as you like. A level 10 Training Ground will allow you train persona specific characters, which are very important when trying to achieve your Objectives.

Farms are essential for generating food, which is necessary for training your survivors into characters. The higher your farm level, the higher food output they will produce. You will also want to level up your food storage as high as you can, to increase the amount of food you will have on-hand for the tournament.


Survivors can be found by “farming” the World Map areas, completing the daily missions, achieving milestones, winning events, and of course buying them. At this point, I expect you know how to win events, buy survivors, complete milestones and daily missions; so, let’s move onto “farming“.

Here’s what you do:

  1. find a low cost Stage (3-4) with Walkers as your enemy,
  2. Put together a Walker team, with a leader and faction helper who have good item drop bonuses (4-Star Rick is a winner for your leader),
  3. auto-attack that level until you use all your World Energy
  4. Recharge and repeat.

Now, you should have a good supply of survivors to take back to town for training.

* Some notes about survivors, tokens, and characters as rewards: leave them in the recruiting and inbox areas, until you need them; as, they will clutter your roster quickly, if you open them, too soon.

Train Survivors to Characters

This stage requires a little bit of strategy; as, you will want to train survivors into characters of a specific persona that match the characters you want to train. To upgrade your adrenaline rush you want to train 10 characters of the same persona, for the best chances of success. You also want to train survivors into character personas that match the level up tournament objectives, for the highest scoring bonuses. Make sure you have a match between the characters you want to level up and the bonus objectives, before you start your training.

Once your character’s Adrenaline Rush (AR) is fully upgraded, you can use any of the survivors for training; as, you are no longer concerned with persona matching. You want to concentrate your training fodder to uncommon (2-star) characters, as they offer you good value for your food. You spend the same amount of food for each survivor you use to level up your characters. Higher rarity characters (2-star) will provide you with more training experience and cost the same amount of food as lower rarity characters (1-star). I recommend you don’t bother using your 3-star characters as training fodder, unless you are using them to upgrade your character’s AR. The unwanted 3-star characters are best used to collect Supply Points, by selling them to the Supply Shop.

If you are just starting, your training grounds may not be overly advanced, yet; but, you will need to upgrade them to at least level 4, to be able to train characters of each persona. Level 4 will allow you to train uncommon characters of similar adrenaline rush skill types, and will give you a selection of characters that will be useful to level up and AR upgrade your team characters.

  1. Weapons Training – Citizen, Hunter, Leader, Soldier
  2.  Medical Training – Leader, Peacekeeper
  3. Strategic Training – Citizen, Rebel, Soldier
  4. Tactical Training – Citizen, Hunter, Rebel, Soldier


Character Types: Ranks, Tiers, Traits and Other Identifying Features


Characters are ranked according to the number of stars under their avatar. Characters can rank from Common (1 star) to Epic (5 stars) and become more powerful and harder to find the higher their rank. Rank cannot be changed.


Most characters can be upgraded to higher tiers of power through the leveling up and upgrading system. The characters tier is represented by the green bars to the right of the characters avatar on the roster screen.


Your characters all have a trait, which determines what kind of weapons they can equip. characters can’t equip weapons of the wrong type. When a weapon hits a target it’s especially powerful against (like Strong versus Fast), it will do extra damage. This extra damage can help you to end a fight quickly and protect as many people as possible. Each trait has strengths and weaknesses :

Tough > Alert > Strong > Fast > Tough


Characters are also assigned a persona, which helps classify their skills and determines upgrade needs.

Hunter, Soldier, Citizen, Leader, Rebel, Peacekeeper


Your leader is the person at the front of your team who guides your team to victory. Many characters in the game have a secondary “Leadership” ability. This ability will only be active while they’re in the leader slot on your team composition.


Specialist skills are new 3 to 5 star characters, reactive skills that certain characters, called “Specialists,” can use. Specialist skills are passive, reactive skills that can trigger during combat based on certain conditions. Unlike leader skills, specialist skills do not require that the specialist be in a particular party slot. Specialist skills are automatically triggered during combat. They cannot be activated manually, as Adrenaline Rushes can. Check out the revamped character information screen to see information about the character’s specialist skill, Leader Skill, and Adrenaline Rush


Any trainers you own will have animated, colored stripes highlighting their image and picture, helping you see them at a glance. Additionally, if you review the character information of a trainer, you will find that trainers do not have a leadership bonus or Adrenaline Rush skill, but instead have details about their training bonuses.

Basic Trainers

Basic trainers are trainers that give a large amount of XP to your characters, the amount depending on the rarity of the trainer.

Persona Trainers

Persona trainers give your characters a large amount of XP, but also are guaranteed to raise the Adrenaline Rush level by 1 of any character of the same persona.

Keep in mind that the persona trainer won’t work if your character has already reached it’s highest available adrenaline rush level.
Still, more to come, next time….