Story Missions

Story Missions allow you to fight battles, unlock new zones, and make decisions which impact your ongoing story. Story Missions become progressively harder, but offer progressively greater rewards, so make sure to keep your teams in the best fighting shape possible.

Where do I access Story Missions?
There are two methods you can use to check your story missions:

  1. The Missions Page
    Pressing on the “Missions” button on the left side of the town screen will open up the Missions screen. Pressing on the “Missions” tab will let you view your furthest progress Story Mission.
  2. The World Screen
    If you press the “World” button in the bottom left corner of the town screen, this will open up the World Map screen showing all available areas of battle, including those which you have already completed.

Why is the next chapter of my story locked?
The story of the ROAD TO SURVIVAL isn’t finished yet, and we can expect new chapters to the story as we continue to update the game. Make sure to keep an eye out for our updates so that you can experience more of the story!

Roadmap Missions

Roadmap Missions are special missions which are accessed independently of the missions played in the game’s main story. These missions will most often be time-limited and require specific items to enter. These missions will almost always provide greater rewards than Story Missions, so you should always keep an eye out for them!

Where do I find Roadmap Missions?
On the left side of the game’s main screen, you should see a button which resembles a radio tower. This button will take you to the Roadmap screen, where the map will display any currently active Roadmap Missions. Pressing on a Roadmap Mission will allow you to view its details, and choose if you want to undertake the mission.

Note: If no Roadmap Missions are available, pressing the “Roadmap” button will take you back to the game’s main screen.

How do I get into a Roadmap Mission?
There are three things you should keep in mind when you’re looking to get into a Roadmap Mission:

  • Most Roadmap Missions will be time limited, so always keep an eye out for the timer displayed on the mission, and remember that new missions will always show up eventually.
  • You may need a special Two-Way Radio item to access certain Roadmap Missions. Two-Way Radios are unique to each mission, so you can’t use the same Two-Way Radio on more than one mission. Two-Way Radios have a chance to be rewarded from Raids, Story Missions, and will sometimes be given via in-game events.
  • Playing the stages within a Roadmap Mission cost World Energy, so make sure you have the World Energy necessary to play through the stages!

Daily Missions

View Daily Missions

Daily Missions are missions which come in three different difficulties that can be completed through simply playing the game, and reset on a daily basis. While some are harder than others, all Daily Missions are intended to be something that you can complete within a single day.

Where do I access Daily Missions?
Pressing on the “Missions” button on the left side of the screen will open up the Missions screen. Pressing on the “Daily Missions” tab will allow you to view your current Daily Missions.

How do I complete a Daily Mission?
The criteria for Daily Missions come in wide varieties. Some missions may require you to craft items, others may require you to beat specific Story Missions, or even kill specific enemies.

You can check these details by pressing on the “View” button shown to the right of the missions on your Daily Missions tab.

What rewards do I get from Daily Missions?
Daily Missions can provide a wide variety of rewards, which will rarely be the exact same. Materials, crafting materials, evolution items, and more are all possible rewards.

You can collect rewards by pressing the “Claim” button on the Daily Missions page for each each Mission. Complete all of the Mission within the 24 hour period to receive the Daily Mission completion bonus.

** Make sure you claim your rewards, before the timer resets, or all your rewards will be lost.