New Game Update: Scavenger Missions, AR Costs, Team Names, and More

The latest game update brought us some long awaited features (Team Names, AR Cost, and Roster expansion) and introduced us to a completely new mission experience (Scavenger Missions).

1 . Scavenger Missions

Players will be able to send out their team on Scavenger Missions to collect all kinds of rewards (materials, rations, evo items, trainers, etc).
The feature is accessed through a new building, called a “Scavenger Camp”.
New players can build Scavenger Camps, existing players may convert existing Material Posts into Scavenger Camps or build on empty land spaces.
Maximum of 4 Scavenger Camps and Material Posts combined.
All missions are passive, the player sends the characters out and sees narrative describing the events.
As players complete certain Key missions, they’ll unlock new missions with better rewards.
Missions have different “theme” requirements (e.g. strong trait), which give players a better chance at successfully completing the mission.
The strength of a player’s team directly influences their success chance (better the team, better the chance to successfully complete).
Players can earn/purchase Scavenger Packs which increase the chance of being successful.

2. Raid Defense Balance

It changes the default balance of raids so that the defender has a strong natural edge.
Defenders can receive two types of benefits:
First Attack 
For First Attack (in game referred to as “Ambushed”), in PVP their is a chance that the defending team will attack first.
Defensive Advantage
For Defensive Advantage, whenever a PVP match occurs, the defending player will receive a bonus for X amount of time

3. Name Your Teams

     Set a unique name for each of your combat teams on the Team Select screen.

4. Team Roster Capacity Increase

Purchase more character slots for your team roster in the General Tab of the Shop.

5. Adrenaline Rush Cost Visibility

View the AP cost and Speed Category of an Adrenaline Rush in the Character Dossier Screen and the Character Level Up Screen.

6. Fixed Faction scoring bug

Every Faction’s Leaderboard now displays a total for points scored by non-members. This includes: Player’s who have left a Faction during an event, and points earned by the whole Faction from special objectives.
Note: Points from player’s who leave and then return to the same Faction during an event will remain in the Non-member’s total. Custom USB Flash Drives

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