The Raids are a Player vs. Player (PvP) battle scenario, where you get to fight against your selected opponents team. You can compete in tournaments and accumulate points to help you climb the leaderboard  and win tier-based rewards.

The Walking Dead - Raids (Main Screen)

The Walking Dead – Raids (Main Screen)

This is the Raids dashboard. I will walk you through some of the menu items, features and information found here.

Along the top row you will notice some buttons:

  • Raid
  • Leaderboard
  • Revenge
  • Rewards

Raid – brings you back to the main Raid dashboard, where you can view your current raid team profile and resources. You can also see your current resources and cease fire timer. This dashboard is used to set you defence team and Find Opponents.

Leaderboard – shows your current standing for raid events and tournaments.  Your team rank, score, and wins will be listed near the top.

The Walking Dead - Raids Leaderboard

The Walking Dead – Raids Leaderboard

Revenge – shows you who has recently attacked you, so that you may retaliate.

The Walking Dead - Raids Leaderboard

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – Raids (Revenge)

Each Row shows you who attacked you, how much reputation they have (to help you decide if you should attack them), and how much reputation you lost.
From this screen you can view your opponents profile information or get revenge on them, by attacking them back.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival - Raids Revenge Player Profile

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – Raids Revenge (Player Profile)

The Raids Revenge Player Profile lets you take a peek at your opponents stats, in greater detail. The image shown is your opponents assigned defensive team leader. Take some time to compare your opponents stats against your own, before you decide to attack.

Team Grade and Rank are strong numbers to compare, when choosing who to attack. You will find that most times the player attacking you is significantly stronger, and not worth attacking.

You can also view what achievements and missions the player has completed. I’m not sure how this helps in  the revenge decision making process, but it is interested intelligence about your enemy.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival - Raids Revenge Attack

The Walking Dead Road to Survival – Raids Revenge (Attack)

When you are ready to get revenge, go back to the Raids Revenge list and select the Revenge button. This will bring up the opponent screen, showing you some basic stats and your victory reward. Press the Revenge button to begin your Raid battle.

Rewards – shows you what rewards are available for current tournament raid events and your current reward position.

    Cease Fires

To prevent players from being ganged up on unfairly, players have an Auto-Ceasefire that activates when you’ve been attacked a large number of times in a small time window.

There’s two things that you should keep in mind about ceasefires:

If you Raid another player, your ceasefire will end immediately! This opens you up to retaliation, so if you opted to take revenge against the player who Raided you, this ended the ceasefire that you had received.

Ceasefires only last temporarily. If you were attacked and gained a ceasefire, this only lasts 135 minutes. If you had purchased a ceasefire, than it should last for the amount of time that you purchased.

Faction Raid Tournament Results

Region Faction Score
Appling [EN]
Bacon [EN] First Order 26,984
Baldwin Hunters 11,753
Banks [EN] Slayers 30,677
Barrow [EN] We Are One 28,883
Bartoe [EN]
Berrien [EN] Umbrella USA, Inc. 28,510
Bibb [EN]
Bleckley [EN]
Brantley [EN] Death Dealers 33,013
Calhoun [EN]
Camden [FR]
Catoosa [FR]
Charlton [DE]
Chatham [DE]
Clayton [IT]
Clinch [FR] Daryl For Ever 46,247
Columbia [JA]
Crawford [EN] The Living Dead 16,126
Dade [EN]
Dodge [KO]
Early [PT]
Echols [EN]
Emanuel [PT]
Fayette [RU]
Floyd [EN]
Fulton Armageddon 19,788
Glynn [ES]
Gordon [ES]
Grady [ES]
Hancock [TR]
Houston [EN] AAT 25,418
Irwin [EN] Winterfell 26,056
Sumter [EN] Walker Wasters 299,451