Resources are the lifeblood of Woodbury, and are used to fuel your progress. There are four primary resources used in the development of your Town.


Food is extremely important, as it is used to train, level, or upgrade characters. It is also used to upgrade some structures in your Town. While Food is primarily gained through Farms and Raids, it can also be gained in Missions. It is kept in Food Storage.


Materials are used to build and upgrade new structures, as well as to Craft Battle Items. It is gained by Missions, Raids, and Material Posts. It can be stored in Material Storage.


Survivors are gained by fighting and winning against the foes of the game’s main story. Survivors can be converted into playable characters via the Training Ground building.


Coins can be gained via purchase, in-game events, or by reaching certain milestones in the game. Coins allow you to skip the wait times. They can also be used to purchase resources, premium characters, or premium weapons.