Levelling Up

Levelling up is the easiest and most important way to strengthen your characters. When you level up one character, other members of your Town contribute what they’ve learned before leaving.


To do this, go to the Roster menu and select the character you wish to level up. After tapping on them, you can choose up to ten other people to help. As you are doing this, the game will show you a preview of how much the original character will grow as a result. As characters gain Experience, they’ll level up and their stats will improve.

Once you are ready, tap “LEVEL UP”, and the process will be complete. Your original character will improve immediately. Your other characters, however, will leave Town. This is permanent and you won’t be able to bring them back.


Once a character has reached maximum level, they will be able to apply what they know to permanently upgrade! Upgrading increases a character’s overall power and maximum level, greatly increasing your odds of survival.

To upgrade, open your Roster and go to the Upgrade section in the bottom right corner. After doing this you can select any character that’s at their maximum level. Tap them, and you will see a list of items needed to upgrade them. If you don’t have the item listed, you’ll need to go scavenging outside the Town to find it!

Once you have the items and are the right level, tap the upgrade button. Your character will become a stronger version of themselves! This new character will be level 1, but stronger than ever, and with more room to grow in the future.

Upgrading your team is key. If you’re going to survive this, your team is going to need to evolve and adapt to the harsh conditions.

Making Teams

You’ll need a good team to survive out there. You can edit your team through the Inventory screen as well as before any battle.

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Weapon and Character Types (Traits)

Every character fights differently, just like every foe is a different threat. Each fighting style is strong against one but vulnerable to another. To be a good leader, you’ll need to know the four basic Types of combat strategy and how they interact with each other:

Tough > Alert > Strong > Fast > Tough

Your characters all have a speciality, which determines what kind of weapons they can equip. characters can’t equip weapons of the wrong type. When a weapon hits a target it’s especially powerful against (like Strong versus Fast), it will do extra damage. This extra damage can help you to end a fight quickly and protect as many people as possible.

Just as you’ll have your weapon types, so will the enemy. If an enemy hits a character with the right attack type, it will do extra damage, bringing you that much closer to defeat.

On the way into any battle, you can see the types of enemies you will encounter. Use this information wisely and a take a team that has power over your enemies.


Your leader is the person at the front of your team who guides your team to victory. Many characters in the game have a secondary “Leadership” ability. This ability will only be active while they’re in the leader slot on your team composition.

When you are selecting teams, the person on the far left will be the Leader. You can only have one, so choose wisely!

Getting More Characters

Characters are important but in woefully short supply these days. Characters can be earned in-game by completing missions or converting survivors into characters at the Training Ground. You can also purchase new Characters with coins by tapping on Recruit & Rewards.

Trainer Characters

While playing and gaining new characters, you may at times receive special versions of otherwise normal characters known as trainers. Trainers cannot be leveled up or upgraded, but instead serve the unique purpose of significantly boosting the experience of other characters when used for training.

How can I tell if I have a Trainer?
Any trainers you own will have animated, colored stripes highlighting their image and picture, helping you see them at a glance. Additionally, if you review the character information of a trainer, you will find that trainers do not have a leadership bonus or Adrenaline Rush skill, but instead have details about their training bonuses.

How do I get Trainers?
Trainers have a small chance of being received at any point when you normally receive a character. There may at times be special in-game events that award guaranteed Trainers, so keep an eye out on in-game events!