Making Teams

You’ll need a good team to survive, and an even better team to succeed.
You can edit your team through the Roster screen as well as before any battle.
Making a Team

Making a Team

Your team can consist of up to five characters. The character on the left is your team’s leader, and his or her leader ability (if he or she has one) will boost your whole team.

When the game begins, you will only be able to have two characters on your team. As you progress through the story, more character slots become available; and, you will be able to add more characters to your team.

Please note that every character has a character cost indicating their capabilities. When making your team, your characters’ combined character cost cannot exceed your Team Cost Max. The good news is that your Team Cost Max increases as you level up. So, level up to have an even stronger team!

If you are not sure which characters to use, you can try the “autofill” button. This button will automatically slected your strongest characters and weapons. Although, this may be a quick way to fill your team slots, this method does not always provide you with the appropriate characters for your mission; as, it does not take into account personas that will to improve your chances or whether you need ATK or Crit bonuses.

After choosing characters, you should also gear up. Under each character is their preferred weapon. You can tap the weapon to change it for any other weapon that matches their trait (See Character Traits for more information). Different weapons provide different bonuses, so try to pick the item that most suits your needs. Weapons with ATK percent bonuses work best for fighting humans, while weapons with Crit bonuses works best against zombies.

The last thing to configure are your Battle Items. These can be selected by tapping the four grey circles at the bottom of the team select screen. You can then add your preferred Battle Items from your inventory for emergencies later in the battle. You should always have Battle Items ready, as you can never be too prepared.

You can have up to 10 teams at once, so try to make one for each situation. Recent updates to the game also allow you to name each of your teams.

Create up to 10 Teams.

Create up to 10 Teams.

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Main Raid Attack Team
  2. Walker Team for Farming Levels Resources
  3. Melee Raid Attack Team
  4. Ranged Raid Attack Team
  5. Main Mission Attack Team
  6. Melee Mission Attack Team
  7. Ranged Mission Attack Team
  8. Raid Defense Team
  9. Your Choice
  10. What do you suggest?

Something to consider when making teams: Characters assigned to a team may not be available for selection during certain events. Faction Wars and Scavenger Missions will not allow you to assign characters that are currently in a team. You will have to release the character from a team, and then assign them to their task. You may want to clear out your teams, before the Faction Wars; as, you don’t want to leave an undefended tower, while you sort out your teams.


Your leader is the person at the front of your team who guides your team to victory. Many characters in the game have a secondary “Leadership” ability. This ability will only be active while those characters are in the leader slot of your active team.

When you are selecting teams, the person on the far left will be the Leader. You can only have one, so choose wisely, with a leader that supports your team’s strengths, and weaknesses. When you enter battle, the leader will appear in the middle of the group.

Battle Items

Your team can equip up to four different Battle Items per fight, to be used whenever you’d like.

Battle items can be crafted in your Workshop, or purchased with coins at the shop.
Battle items are equipped on the mission preparation screen, just before you go into battle.
Under your team roster you will see four plus sign (+) icons. Tapping these will bring up your inventory of battle items and allow you to equip the most strategic.
To use an item, tap the backpack in the bottom right corner, then the item you wish to use.
Different items can target different numbers of enemies or allies, so make sure to choose who you want to target once you’ve chosen your item. Don’t forget that Battle Items aren’t reusable, so use them wisely. You won’t want to find yourself without a game-changing Battle Item when you truly need it. Replenish cans will heal the weakest character in your team, despite which character you select.
Here are some basic suggestions:
Humans– Grindstone (Melee), Dumdum Bullets (Ranged), Nerve Gas Vial, Tear Gas Vial, Replenish.
Walkers– Smelling Salts, Nitric Oxide (Melee), Sharpshooter (Ranged), Bloody Shirts, Replenish.

Weapon and Character Traits

Every character fights differently, just like every foe is a different threat. Each fighting style is strong against one but vulnerable to another. To be a good leader, you’ll need to know the four basic Traits of combat strategy and how they interact with each other:
Tough >  Alert > Strong > Fast > Tough

Your characters all have a trait, which determines what kind of weapons they can equip. characters can’t equip weapons of the wrong trait. When a weapon hits a target it’s especially powerful against (like Strong versus Fast), it will do extra damage. This extra damage can help you to end a fight quickly and protect as many people as possible.

Just as you’ll have your weapon traits, so will the enemy. If an enemy hits a character with the right attack trait, it will do extra damage, bringing you that much closer to defeat.

Weapon and Character Types

Each character fits into one of two character types:

Ranged- Tough &  Alert
Melee- Strong & Fast

Some leaders offer bonuses to one of these character types, while some characters may offer buffs to their teammates of the same type.

Although, their are specific range and melee weapons, they do not currently offer and bonuses against character types.

On the way into any battle, you can see the trait of your enemy’s leader. Check the Character Table to find their leader skill. This will usually give you an indication of the composition of their team. A leader with a boost to a specific trait or type may suggest that their team is composed of characters who will benefit from that leader skill. Use this information wisely and a take a team that has power over your enemies.