Scavenger Missions are a new way to experience The Walking Dead Road to Survival game and TWDRtS characters’ back-story, through an interactive experience.

Scavenger Mission - Mission Log Info

Scavenger Mission – Mission Log Info

To get started, simply build a Scavenger Camp or convert one of your Material Posts into one.

Start new Scavenger Missions by accessing the Scavenger Camp menu and selecting a mission with your desired reward and time to complete. Each mission has requirements for completion. The success of each mission depends on your team meeting these requirements. Fully meeting the mission requirements will guarantee your team’s success, while only partially meeting the requirements will increase your chance of failure.

Scavenger Mission - Start Mission

Scavenger Mission – Start Mission

The best part about the Scavenger Mission is that you don’t have to hover over the game, while your team completes the mission. Simply start your mission, then return after it has completed to read your mission log and claim your rewards.

Another great feature of the Scavenger Mission, is that your characters can earn XP and level-up, upon successful completion. So, you now have a way to improve characters that you didn’t want to waste your resources on.

Here are some of the key features, of the new Scavenger Mission format:

  • Send Scavengers on a mission to collect all kinds of rewards (materials, rations, gear, trainers, etc)
  • Missions originate from a brand new building type, the Scavenger Camp
  • Scavenger Camps may be converted from Material Posts for a materials fee based on the level of the building, or built from scratch
  • Total of 4 Material posts/Scavenger Camps will be allowed at a given time
  • Don’t worry if you have to convert, the amount of materials received from Scavenger missions will be similar to those received from your material post
  • Missions are completed on a Pass/Fail basis and are completely passive, meaning you do not participate in the battle, much like your raid defense. You can read all about your team’s progress and struggles on the narrative page by tapping on your camp.
  • As you complete certain key missions, they’ll unlock new missions with better rewards.
  • Missions have different “theme” requirements (e.g. strong trait), which give players a better chance at successfully completing the mission.
  • The strength of your team directly influences their success chance (better the team, better the chance to successfully complete)
  • Players can collect Scavenger Packs from random drops in regular missions, tournaments which increase the chance of being successful.
  • If your team fails a mission, it may be attempted again after a cool down period. This period will differ in length for each mission.
  • The team you send on Scavenger Missions will not be available for any other missions or battles during the time it takes to complete the mission, so make sure and choose well.
Scavenger Mission - Mission Log

Scavenger Mission – Mission Log