Looking for new ways to spend your hard-earned Coins, and have more predictable outcomes when chasing a particular prize? Today, you will discover a brand-new type of Recruits and Rewards event that aims to please. It’s called the Stash!

Think of it like a virtual toy box: if you reach in with your eyes closed and take a toy out, what you pull out is random. Once it’s out though, it’s no longer one of the possibilities for your next pick, which means that you’re unlocking permanent progression with every open. Since there are a finite number of toys in the box, if you keep taking things out, you’ll end up getting all of the toys inside!

Stashes will come in all shapes and sizes. They can use Coins, Tokens, or other currencies; they can contain a handful of items in them or hundreds; and they can feature a variety of bonus rewards as you make multiple opens. Completing a Stash will usually net you an additional bonus reward, and can sometimes unlock a new Stash too. There are countless options!

Stashes will be coming soon to your Region, so be on the lookout! You will see a lot of different configurations in the coming months. 
What do you think of this new game features?