New Specialist Skills to Improve Your Raid Battles

You might have noticed 2 new Specialist Skills have been added to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival game, recently.

Originally we had 3 Specialist Skills (Human Shield, Parting Shot,  and Tenacity) that were introduced with the exclusive in-game characters, and could also be found as TellTale character skills.

Here are the new Specialist Skills, and some suggestions on how to use them:
  • Collateral Damage -When this character performs a critical strike on an enemy, they will deal splash damage (50% damage) to up to two adjacent enemies.This seems to be a particularly valuable skill for your zombie attack team. With your critical bonuses from leaders, weapons, Adrenaline Rush, battle items, and faction support, you could potentially trigger this character’s specialist skill, with each attack.How is the 50% is calculated is the big question; as, a critical hit with a zombie is an instant kill head-shot. Does that mean the Collateral Damage would be half of the zombie’s life or half of the damage needed to kill the zombie in a single shot? I have seem some zombies with over 4,000 HP, in the higher levels. Would the collateral damage hit the adjacent enemies for +2,000 HP, then? If a weaker zombie is adjacent, does this hit kill them or just reduce their HP to half?  If anyone has observed this, please comment.Used to combat humans, the skill will improve damage inflicted to the enemies party; but, will not likely trigger as often, as enemy battles primarily focus on boosting attack %, not Critical bonuses.Eugene (A New Beginning) 5 Star
  • Life Steal -When this character kills an enemy character, they will regain 20% of their max health.This specialist skill has so much potential, if applied to the right type of character. The best suited characters for this skill are AoE (Area of Effect) attackers, like Jesus, and  heavy hitters, like Michonne.Heavy hitters are able to issue large amounts of damage to a single target. The new Michonne (The Calm Before) has an 800% damage Adrenaline Rush skill that can eliminate most 4* characters, in a single blow. She also has the Life Steal specialist skill, that will trigger to give her back HP with each AR attack (if planner properly). Combined with an AR boost and some healers, she could be unstoppable.AoE attackers would be ideal for this skill, as they attack mutliple targets. The Life Steal specialist skill triggers when the character kills an enemy. Therefore, for each enemy killed, you should regain 20% of your max HP. There are currently no AoE characters with this skill, but I sure hope their will be.MICHONNE (THE CALM BEFORE)
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